The NBNP Board met in Tallinn Apr 29

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The NBNP Board met in Tallinn, Estonia on April 23, 2014. Detective Inspector Berglind Eyjólfsdóttir from Reykjavik Metropolitan Police was elected to chair NBNP for 2014-2015. The Board decided on joint Nordic-Baltic activities for the next two years. NBNP will continue to combat human trafficking and also focus on gender-based violence.  
On 24.4.2014 NBNP Board members participated in the knowledge forum on Trafficking in Human Beings - Recruitment, Identification, Victim Support. The conference was opened by the Estonian Minister of Interior and Regional Affairs Hanno Pevkur, Nordic Council of Ministers Secretary General Dagfinn Høybråten and EU Anti Trafficking Coordinator Myria Vassiliadou.

On the 25.4.2014 the participants of the conference had the possibilities to make study visists to the Northern District Prosecutor´s Office or the Police and Border Guard Board for Police and Border Police Officers in Tallinn, Estonia or to participate in the Trilateral Conference of the Baltic Assembly, Nordic Council and Benelux Parliament: Multi-dimensional Partnership to Stop the Trafficking in Human Beings.  

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Nordic-Baltic Network of Policewomen (NBNP) was constituted in Riga, Latvia, in April 2001. All the Nordic countries and all the Baltic countries are members and are actively participating in the work of NBNP.

The Board members represent police organizations from Nordic and Baltic countries.

The objectives of the network are to develop equal opportunities within the police, achieve gender equality in all ranks and fields of the police and encourage women for managerial positions in order to have more women in higher positions reflecting the percentage of policewomen within the police by:

Exchange information and knowledge about gender equality, discrimination and diversity;

Exchange professional experiences and knowledge in policing;

Exchange professional experiences and knowledge concerning female leadership;

Extend contacts with women`s networks nationally and internationally;

Contribute so that the police are a place where diversity is respected;

Contribute to the fight against all kinds of discrimination within the police.