Nordic-Baltic seminar WOMEN IN THE POLICE - CHANGES AND CHALLENGES 31.05 - 01.06.2017 Conference Center of the Ministry of Interior, Riga, Latvia Aug 17

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 The Nordic-Baltic seminar Women in the Police - Changes and Challenges was arranged in Riga 31.5-1.6.2017 gathered together over 50 representatives of the Nordic and Baltic police forces, and Nordic and Baltic researchers and experts on gender equality and to discuss the changes and challenges for women working in the police from patrolling to leadership.

 The seminar discussed police education, career choices, recruitment processes, leadership, harassment, and gender equality and diversity policies in the police in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The seminar focused on gender equality and diversity in the police organizations and discussed police education from gender equality perspective, the possibilities to combine working life with private life, the working conditions women and men meet in a male dominated organization and challenges for women leaders in the police. At the seminar Nordic and Baltic experts presented good practices and exchanged information on national actions taken to increase the number of women in the police. 

 The Latvian State Police in cooperation with the Nordic-Baltic Network of Policewomen (NBNP) arranged the seminar Women in the Police - Changes and Challenges.

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  The seminar is a part of the project Women in the Police financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers' Gender Equality Fund. 

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Nordic-Baltic Network of Policewomen (NBNP) was constituted in Riga, Latvia, in April 2001. All the Nordic countries and all the Baltic countries are members and are actively participating in the work of NBNP.

The Board members represent police organizations from Nordic and Baltic countries.

The objectives of the network are to develop equal opportunities within the police, achieve gender equality in all ranks and fields of the police and encourage women for managerial positions in order to have more women in higher positions reflecting the percentage of policewomen within the police by:

Exchange information and knowledge about gender equality, discrimination and diversity;

Exchange professional experiences and knowledge in policing;

Exchange professional experiences and knowledge concerning female leadership;

Extend contacts with women`s networks nationally and internationally;

Contribute so that the police are a place where diversity is respected;

Contribute to the fight against all kinds of discrimination within the police.